iTabbar - Mobile web app like native app

iTabbar - Mobile web app iPhone, iPod touch, Android and other mobile devices. Mobile applications emulation, Mobile web app made easy with iTabbar.

Web app made with HTML5, CSS3 & Javascript.

iTabbar is a free tabbar work with Zepto/jQuery plugin for mobile web application development.

iTabbar Demo with jQtouch + iScroll + iTabbar (this demo work only in Chrome, Safari and mobile devices)

Try iTabbar on your Mobile phone
Try on Android/iPhone simulator (Chrome & Safari only)
or go to directly to:

These demos work with jQtouch, jQuery or Zepto, iScroll and iTabbar.


Download iTabbar. iTabbar come with jQtouch, Zepto and iScroll. iTabbar is a open project under the MIT license and we hope that the community will help to make it better

Open project

iTabbar was created to help to make web app look like real native app. We don’t just want a fixed tabbar, we want to find a way to make applications creation easier with HTML5, javascript and CSS3. Making web app and using PhoneGap to create native app. it’s a open project under the MIT license and we hope that the community will help to make it better.

iTabbar Demo with iScroll and jQtouch (this demo work only in Chrome and Safari and mobile devices)

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  • CSS3 based images and background.
  • Base64 icons. Easy to change icons.
  • Change icons colors with simple CSS color setting.
  • Fullscreen mode like real applications.
  • Fast mobile browsing.
  • Hide address bar on Browser navigation.
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todo list


  • Fullscreen for Android.
  • New custom tabbar on single or item page (div).
  • Add iTabbar to Github.
  • CSS strange behavior when click in a form. iTabbar icons got a strange border, something to do with z-index


  • Not reloading previous ajax on back button.
  • Control external link better.
  • Submit button to ajax jsonp call.
  • More CSS options for better content design.
  • Define Fasttouch for iPhone and False for Android (it’s better this way)


  • RSS Feed reader: Showing single item.
  • Create a forum section
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