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iTabbar website almost ready

Feb 23, 2012   //   by itabbar   //   Blog  //  No Comments

Working on iTabbar was a personal project to develop native app look and feel. I am a creator and have many applications ideas but i’m not a premium developer and i’m not interested in C++ and complex coding.

When i saw that it was possible to create app with HTML5, CSS3 and javascript, i tough that i may create something, but the solutions there’s lack of many features, don’t work well everywhere and doesn’t look like i want. I found jQtouch who was really great but i wanted the fixed bottom and header bar like reall apps. Then i found iScroll, it look promising and i tryed to create my own bottom tab bar and wanted it to look like native app look and feel.

I create create my own bottom bar and called it iTabbar. I want now to make it better and share it with everyone and if people like it and want to contribute and make iTabbar better and more versatile, make it work with other project like jQuerymobil or any others mobile app projects.

Here a iPhone/Android emulator i created for fun and testing mobile web app. (inspired from testiphone)
With the right option, you can see the real mobile page from any website. This emulator fake a iphone user agent and this way, we can see the real mobile page from the url website you enter.

The nexts posts will be about iTabbar and other mobile web app creation subject.